We’re building Derbyshire’s most-loved platform to discover and attend live events

We’re the Atkinson family and we’ve been involved in software development for over 35 years in one capacity or another having gained a shed load of experience working for computermanufacturers and working on large scale retail systems.
Having said that, for the past…more years than we care to remember, we’ve been involved in the development of custom software products for clients as well as working on our own project like this one, moola rewards and moola site builder.

There’s an excitement about building software which is the reason that we get up in the morning. Especially if you truly believe in what you’re doing…as we do.
Developing software is an exciting business to be in as its visually appealing to an artistic level, mentally stimulating as we search for elegant solutions to complex problems and it poses the ultimate business question: Does anybody want the product you’ve developed? In the case of the Rave app we hope it’s a very definite yes as it provides a way for events promoters to inform their audience of what’s going on when, for a very low price. In many cases it’s free.

Rave is all about community as are moola rewards and moola site builder as they help to bring people together and that’s our focus. It works on the principle that together we are stronger.
By providing a suite of complimentary software products at rock bottom prices we’re helping to keep pleasure-seekers informed and therefore helping to build a band of revellers at a price the community can afford. As well as being the last word in affordability, the apps have been carefully designed to make sure that they are easy to use by people who like to gadabout and event promoters. Anyone can promote their events through the self service interface. The app is self policing too. If it’s used inappropriately as decided by pleasure-seekers, they can vote it down removing the content from view.

Please contact us for any reason, whether it’s to tell us how misguided we are, or how brilliant the app is - we’ll be happy to talk.
Contact us to mention a missing feature, to enquire about your own white-labelled events app or custom software development project.